Sunset Hackathon 2017

O Primeiro Sunset Hackathon chega a Portugal! Dias 1, 2 e 3 de setembro, o Hardware City organiza uma maratona tecnológica de 72 horas focada na criação de soluções inovadoras que reúne talentos e empresas num contexto descontraído e de Verão – e tu não podes faltar! O grande objectivo deste evento passa por promover[…]

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Hardware City Session #7: Speakers

We’re back again and with another awesome session! This time, we wanted to do something really special, so we decided to create a panel full of women! Yeah, we know that this kind of area can be dominated by men, but we also know that even though women are not the minority, they can do[…]

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Hardware City Session #6: Speaker Francisco Manso

Here we are to present you our second speaker: Francisco Manso! What can we tell you about Francisco? He first started he’s academic journey in Agronomic Engineering which triggered him to found Engirega. Since that first company until Trigger.Systems has gone almost 20 years! During this time, Francisco worked as Senior Consultant at World Sustainability Society[…]

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Hardware City Session #6: Speaker Alexandre Pinto

We’re so proud to present you all our fist speaker: Alexandre Pinto! Alexandre is co-founder of iClio SA and CoolFarm SA (you remember, the coolest farmers ever?) SA and member of the Sapo24 Editorial Board. He first started his academic career in History and nowadays, besides other roles, he’s invited teacher and researcher in european[…]

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