Session #5 Guests: Celso Martinho

  We are happy to present our Second Guest for this Session: Celso Martinho! Celso is a challenge driven, optimistic geek technologist, product guy, and entrepreneurial soul, eventually thrown into a management career. Founder of SAPO, the largest web portal in Portugal. Worked in the Telco industry building large scale B2C services in areas ranging[…]

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  With technology at our service, we decided to take the digital fabrication initiative a step further. We invited Helder Santos (https://uk.linkedin.com/in/helderlsantos) an experienced Industrial Designer, currently working in the UK to demonstrate the power of Digital Fabrication, by designing an element related to the discussion during the timeline of the Session itself. “I was attending[…]

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Session #4 Guests: Severino Raposo

Severino holds a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from the University of Aveiro, and has since then, been working on several hardware related projects, such as: ADS – An electrical data acquisition system for Arch Welding  (TIG, MIG/MAG etc.) ADRS – Data Monitoring System for Resistance Welding RR365 – Electronic design watch with old Nixie-Type[…]

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We are happy to announce the HARDWARE CITY Session #2!

After a great kick-off, we are planning a new, even more ambitious, HARDWARE CITY Session! We went out of our way to bring you three awesome guests, that will share their experience, vision and know-how. We hope you enjoy this session! Come and be a part of the Community! Join us at the old Ceramic[…]

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We are looking for Hardware City’s Community Manager!

Hi everyone! We are looking for Hardware City’s Community Manager! While we’re approaching fast to the next Hardware City Session, we’re continuously working towards a live, exciting and diverse Hardware Community. This is as much rewarding as it is difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately our team is expanding and it’s still time for you to join[…]

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