Sunset Hackathon 2017

O Primeiro Sunset Hackathon chega a Portugal! Dias 1, 2 e 3 de setembro, o Hardware City organiza uma maratona tecnológica de 72 horas focada na criação de soluções inovadoras que reúne talentos e empresas num contexto descontraído e de Verão – e tu não podes faltar! O grande objectivo deste evento passa por promover[…]

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Session #4 – Greetings to our Sponsors

On the aftermath of our HARDWARE CITY Session #4 – European Maker Week, we would like to thank to our dear sponsors. Without them, the event would not be possible the way it did. Câmara Municipal de Aveiro [Link] CMA was one of our first partnerships. They ensure that we have all equipment we need[…]

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HARDWARE CITY Session #3 – João Costa

João Costa is an Electronic and Computer Engineer working at SAR – Soluções de Automação e Robótica Lda, an Start-Up of University of Minho founded at 2006. Currently he is manager of, a  SAR’s brand directly associated to educacional market. He is excited to present the SAR’s history as a Start-Up that began to[…]

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HARDWARE CITY Session #3 – André Sousa

André Sousa is Co-CEO and one of the two founders of ISSHO Technology, a startup that developed a 3D configuration tool to allow mass customization to furniture manufacturers. He’s a graduate engineer from University of Porto, with business management and finance training. His career started at Sonae Sierra’s shopping center developments. After that, he moved[…]

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Hugo Silva-Square

HARDWARE CITY Session #3 – Hugo Silva

Hugo believes he’s one of the few lucky people that can say he worked very few days in his life… not because of lack of a job (fortunately), but because when you do stuff you love and you’re passionate about almost every single day, there’s no boundary between what’s work and what’s just pure fun.[…]

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  We are happy to announce the HARDWARE CITY Session #3! After a crowded and sometimes messy second session, we are announcing an HARDWARE CITY Session with new facilities, equipment and more prepared to receive you! We will bring to you three guests and this time, a pitch of a new product from a maker![…]

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Join our Slack Community

We’re starting something new toward a live and organic hardware community. We have a bold vision for HARDWARE CITY. One of our main goals is to galvanize a community of entrepreneurs, contract manufacturers and makers around one table, working together in a city-style-organization. By no means is this a simple task! That’s why we would[…]

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