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Sunset at Hardware City

É verdade que temos andado mais calados, como já podem ter reparado, mas a verdade é que andamos a cozinhar uma surpresa daquelas – e, como vocês sabem, a única coisa no Mundo que se fez com a ajuda de aliens foram as Pirâmides de Gizé (mesmo essas tiveram uma mãozinha ou outra dos egípcios).[…]

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Hardware City Session #7: Speakers

We’re back again and with another awesome session! This time, we wanted to do something really special, so we decided to create a panel full of women! Yeah, we know that this kind of area can be dominated by men, but we also know that even though women are not the minority, they can do[…]

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Hardware City Session #6: Speaker Francisco Manso

Here we are to present you our second speaker: Francisco Manso! What can we tell you about Francisco? He first started he’s academic journey in Agronomic Engineering which triggered him to found Engirega. Since that first company until Trigger.Systems has gone almost 20 years! During this time, Francisco worked as Senior Consultant at World Sustainability Society[…]

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Session #4 Guests: Luís Carvão

Luís Carvão is incredibly passionate about technology and creativity. His days are spent in front of both computers and machines, learning with them and from them “how to make “almost” anything”. He completed his master degree in architecture at ISCTE-IUL in 2011 and joined the FabLab EDP team allowing his and since then my geeky/creative[…]

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We are looking for Hardware City’s Community Manager!

Hi everyone! We are looking for Hardware City’s Community Manager! While we’re approaching fast to the next Hardware City Session, we’re continuously working towards a live, exciting and diverse Hardware Community. This is as much rewarding as it is difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately our team is expanding and it’s still time for you to join[…]

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