Hardware City Session #7: Speakers

We’re back again and with another awesome session! This time, we wanted to do something really special, so we decided to create a panel full of women! Yeah, we know that this kind of area can be dominated by men, but we also know that even though women are not the minority, they can do[…]

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Hardware City Session #6: Speaker Alexandre Pinto

We’re so proud to present you all our fist speaker: Alexandre Pinto! Alexandre is co-founder of iClio SA and CoolFarm SA (you remember, the coolest farmers ever?) SA and member of the Sapo24 Editorial Board. He first started his academic career in History and nowadays, besides other roles, he’s invited teacher and researcher in european[…]

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How awesome the startups of our speakers are?

    Maybe at this time, you’re still trying to realize if this session is relevant for you. We think news speak for themselves. Just look at these ones:   Trigger.Systems Trigger.Systems is on the spotlight these days and for several reasons. Trigger.System engaged with Portugal Ventures with the former investing in the company with[…]

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HwC Session #6 – List of Showcases

Hey there We’re pretty sure that at this moment you’re wondering what startups will be there to present their technology. In all it’s glory, here’s the breakdown of the some of the startups that will be next wednesday at our Centro Cultural e de Congressos. CosmoNauta COSMO concentrates all the data you need for the[…]

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Session 5 Small Banner

Hardware City Session #5 – Food and beverages

Tech is best served cold… and along with something in our stomach. We don’t want just anything for our Sessions, so we’d like to show you our gorgeous (and favorite we must say) sponsors: Maldita Maldita Craft Beer is a multi award winner from Aveiro and will give you the opportunity to taste their set of different[…]

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Session 5 Small Banner

Hardware City Session #5 – List of Showcases

Hey there Probably you’re still stoked with the win of our football team. Our full list of showcasers will not make you any better. Here they are: Makers 3DPonics – David Silva   David Silva brings us an hands-on session merging 3D printing and hydroponics. 3Dponics is an open-source initiative for the development of 3D[…]

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Session #4 – Greetings to our Sponsors

On the aftermath of our HARDWARE CITY Session #4 – European Maker Week, we would like to thank to our dear sponsors. Without them, the event would not be possible the way it did. Câmara Municipal de Aveiro [Link] CMA was one of our first partnerships. They ensure that we have all equipment we need[…]

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Session #4 Guests: Luís Carvão

Luís Carvão is incredibly passionate about technology and creativity. His days are spent in front of both computers and machines, learning with them and from them “how to make “almost” anything”. He completed his master degree in architecture at ISCTE-IUL in 2011 and joined the FabLab EDP team allowing his and since then my geeky/creative[…]

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HARDWARE CITY Session #3 – João Costa

João Costa is an Electronic and Computer Engineer working at SAR – Soluções de Automação e Robótica Lda, an Start-Up of University of Minho founded at 2006. Currently he is manager of botnroll.com, a  SAR’s brand directly associated to educacional market. He is excited to present the SAR’s history as a Start-Up that began to[…]

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HARDWARE CITY Session #3 – André Sousa

André Sousa is Co-CEO and one of the two founders of ISSHO Technology, a startup that developed a 3D configuration tool to allow mass customization to furniture manufacturers. He’s a graduate engineer from University of Porto, with business management and finance training. His career started at Sonae Sierra’s shopping center developments. After that, he moved[…]

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Hugo Silva-Square

HARDWARE CITY Session #3 – Hugo Silva

Hugo believes he’s one of the few lucky people that can say he worked very few days in his life… not because of lack of a job (fortunately), but because when you do stuff you love and you’re passionate about almost every single day, there’s no boundary between what’s work and what’s just pure fun.[…]

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  We are happy to announce the HARDWARE CITY Session #3! After a crowded and sometimes messy second session, we are announcing an HARDWARE CITY Session with new facilities, equipment and more prepared to receive you! We will bring to you three guests and this time, a pitch of a new product from a maker![…]

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Hardware City Session #2 – André Cardote

André Cardote is the Director of Engineering for Veniam. He received his Ph.D. in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering / Vehicular Networks from the University of Aveiro in 2014. During his Ph.D., he spent time at Carnegie Mellon University as a visiting researcher. While his main expertise is computer networks, he is also interested in electronics[…]

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Hardware City Session #2 – Ricardo Roque

Ricardo Roque – is a founding team member of Silicon Valley based payment startup Noatta Inc. and co-founder of Lisbon based Eggelectronics. He obtained a Mechanical and Process Engineering Degree from the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Inst. of Tech. Zurich). He is also a maker and entrepreneur by nature. We’ll get a chance to hear[…]

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Hardware City Sessions #2 – Pitch your idea

Are you working on a Prototype or PoC (Proof of Concept)? Are you waiting for a chance to show off your project? Or maybe you just want to hear some feedback from experienced professionals? Send us a PM to apply for an opportunity to pitch your HARDWARE project on the next HARDWARE CITY Session! You’ll[…]

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Hardware City Session #2 – José Salgado

José Salgado is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer currently working at Altice Labs, where he has held a number of different positions, several in the area of hardware development and production. He is currently chair of the Deployment & Operations Committee of the Fiber To The Home Council. We are excited to learn more about[…]

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We are happy to announce the HARDWARE CITY Session #2!

After a great kick-off, we are planning a new, even more ambitious, HARDWARE CITY Session! We went out of our way to bring you three awesome guests, that will share their experience, vision and know-how. We hope you enjoy this session! Come and be a part of the Community! Join us at the old Ceramic[…]

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Carlos Alves, guest of HwC Session #1


Carlos Alves was HARDWARE CITY Sessions’ first guest. Carlos is one of the co-founders and administrator of HFA – Eletrónica e Telecomunicações – one the biggest and most important companies of electronic assembling in Portugal – and Globaltronic, an electronics company operating in the fields of energy efficiency, general electronics and telecommunications. For all those[…]

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