HwC @ Pixels Camp – Football table IoT ready

Football is cool, right? What about a football table? And what about Football table IoT ready? Don’t know what it is? Check it at Hardware City booth. Description: A football table will be available for anyone to play. This table is speciall because is IoT ready! You can check the score online . Where: HwC[…]

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HwC @ Pixels Camp – Hacking Challenge

Nothing is quite exciting as a challenge. Why not enroll on a Hacking Challenge? The Makey Claw is a hacking project The altLab collective, created for the community to experience the i2c or serial communication protocols using microcontrollers. The aim is to trim creativity and bring the makers to rethink the interaction interface with the[…]

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HwC @ Pixel Camp – Digital Fabrication

Developing hardware projects can be a lot easier when someone who has been through your struggle is right next to you sharing the words of wisdom. And that’s what we want to empower you with! At Pixel Camp we will repeat one of our classics: Hardware City Talks In these sessions you’ll be able to learn how to use[…]

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