Carlos Alves, guest of HwC Session #1

Carlos Alves, guest of HwC Session #1

Carlos Alves was HARDWARE CITY Sessions’ first guest. Carlos is one of the co-founders and administrator of HFA – Eletrónica e Telecomunicações – one the biggest and most important companies of electronic assembling in Portugal – and Globaltronic, an electronics company operating in the fields of energy efficiency, general electronics and telecommunications. For all those reasons, Carlos has a vast and rich experience in the fields of electronics, product development and industrialization. He was nice enough to share some of his perspectives with us.

Let us know what you think about the discussed issues, or if you have already felt the same problems:

  • Be aware of counterfeit electronic components – a startup can easily choose components that are cheaper, counterfeit components. For some startups, ensuring the Intellectual Property of the parts is important. For others ensuring quality is an issue. Counterfeit may compromise all of these factors.
  • Contract Manufacturers for the sourcing of CMs, it was suggested that entrepreneurs should select companies that are able to produce small series, and that are able to respond to the specific needs of startups.
  • Gap between the designers work and the industry ability to produce it – this is one of the classic mistakes of entrepreneurs and product developers, who can easily develop products that simply don’t fit the reality of the manufacturing process, or that aren’t price competitive. That comes with a huge burden for the companies, since it usually take months to make an iteration of the product.
  • Internationalization phaseCarlos emphasized the importance of the internationalization step, but he also pointed that sometimes some companies simply don’t have the operational structure to make it well, which develops to an overload of work to the employees, and can ultimately compromise the success of that step.

We’ll be announcing the next HARDWARE CITY Session soon! Let us know if you want some topics to be discussed in the meantime!

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