A Crowdsourced Map of the Hardware Ecosystem


We invite everyone to contribute to an Open Directory for Hardware Ecosystem, by filling in key information divided into four main categories: contract manufacturers, startups, maker communities and talents.
Over and over we find the same problem: companies looking for someone to provide a certain service, entities looking for manufacturers to help them produce their products and people trying to make new products out of ideas. It’s a huge challenge. That’s why we decided to help the community by creating a list of the entities and the services they provide or seek.



Portugal has the ideal conditions to become a banner in terms of hardware manufacturing. We have several companies that provide high quality products and services. However, there are still a lot of newcomers and new startups that don’t know about them. It’s crucial to map these entities and their area of actuation. In exchange, these entities will gain visibility, attract new businesses and ideas and, furthermore, become a part of the ecosystem itself.


Hardware Startups

For a startup, timing is everything. Launching a solid product early on and on a cheap budget is the motto every entrepreneur lives by. This Directory will help startups find the right partner, and will also give them visibility in the Portuguese Hardware Scene. Other interested parties can look for their business, be it customers, partners, people to help or investors.



The Maker movement is known to produce some of the most creative concepts. We want makers to participate in the community so that they can build new projects with the right tools and partners. Moreover, building a hardware product is extremely complex and productization introduces several problems. This directory will make it easy for people who want to create new things and build a viable business.



Portugal has lots of talented people in several different areas, but it’s not easy to know them all, nor their expertises. If you think someone is a reference in the field and prone to help others building hardware products/solutions/concepts, please add them. The community appreciates it.



Not that many. Bear in mind that this is an open directory, where everyone can contribute and use the information. That way, we kindly ask you to make the best usage of that information.

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  • Now this is really amazing, how can you people manage to get stuff like this? Man, this is really worth reading and I am going to bookmark your blog for this. Keep updating us.

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