Session #4 Guests: Severino Raposo


Severino holds a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from the University of Aveiro, and has since then, been working on several hardware related projects, such as:

  • ADS – An electrical data acquisition system for Arch Welding  (TIG, MIG/MAG etc.)
  • ADRS – Data Monitoring System for Resistance Welding
  • RR365 – Electronic design watch with old Nixie-Type valves.
  • GPSPigeonTrainer – A GPS based system for pigeon training [Far Away Sensing]

He currently develops and organizes the DRONE project (Quadricoptero) LAB Open, and is the author of the ALIV project, a UAV flight vehicle with effective horizontal and vertical landing! How cool is that? Here is what it looks like.

ALIV_II_Design1_frente e lado_Nome2_1 copy

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