Session #4 – Greetings to our Sponsors

On the aftermath of our HARDWARE CITY Session #4 – European Maker Week, we would like to thank to our dear sponsors. Without them, the event would not be possible the way it did.


Câmara Municipal de Aveiro [Link]

CMA was one of our first partnerships. They ensure that we have all equipment we need to make a proper event.

ClusterMedia Labs [Link]

ClusterMedia Labs are the guys behind the streaming of the event, and the ones that allow us to reach a broader audience. With them we can engage with our community in real time and receive feedback from what’s happening.

IEUA – Incubadora de Empresas da Universidade de Aveiro [Link]

IEUA was aligned with us the moment we pitched them, and they made a huge contribute promoting the event at the entrepreneurial community. BTW, IEUA has an awesome track record of Hardware Startups like Veniam, BEEVERYCREATIVE, ApisTechnology or Sword Health.

StartUP Portugal [Link]

The goals of Portugal government are bold regarding entrepreneurship. To put them in place, they created StartUP Portugal. HARDWARE CITY was endorsed by StartUP Portugal, and received full support for Session #4. We have bright news for you regarding this partnership, but for now we recommend you read this article about StartUP Portugal strategy.

Pedro Gomes Design [Link]

Pedro Gomes was the guy responsible to kick-off the session. He is the founder of Pedro Gomes Design, a  strategic and award-winning design studio based in Aveiro, and with an awesome track record of product development and hardware startups. A site you should definitely visit.

Makers showcase

Our Session had a very sparkling presence of a group of makers and related companies. We want to address a special THANK YOU to:

  • Ricardo Pereira – Coisas de Maker – hands-on session on how to make a fast and reliable silicone mold using 3d print technology, to cast polyurethane resin. Read more here.
  • ALIV – Vertical Takeoff Airplane – Quadcopters and simulators. Big thanks to Severino Raposo for bringing a couple of Air Drones and some really cool simulators for everyone to enjoy.
  • Lab Aberto – Plotter, Drone, Feira de Ciências, Jogo dos Átomos – António Gonçalves showed several projects in an informal learning environment and his mini FAB LAB project. Read more here.
  • Fábrica da Ciência Viva – DÓING – demonstration of an extensive group of didactic toys, tools and maker projects for educational purposes and early-phase makers. Read more here.
  • AquaSense – The subaquatic drone – group of UA students that developed an awesome subaquatic drone. We know they have managed to make a successful test since then! Next time, we want a real-live demo.
  • BEEVERYCREATIVE – 3D printers showcase – Portuguese startup showed how 3D printers can potentiate co-creation. They have printed a concept developed during the event. Read more here.
  • Globaltronic – Evolução de “designs” de electrónica – A R&D electronic company that showcased a group of electronics boards demonstrating the evolution of projects during development. Read more here.

Watch this awesome photos of the Session #4 by our lovely photographer Tatiana Moreira.

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