Hardware City @ Pixel Camp

Yes, we have been silent for a couple of months, but rest assured, we’ve been preparing something exciting for the times to come.


Developing a community is no simple task and after the great feedback and participation we received from you in the first semester of our run, we really had to take a breath and plan our next moves.

We couldn’t be prouder to announce that HARDWARE CITY will participate in Pixel Camp. Sharing a common vision and fed by the same principles as this awesome event, we were kindly endorsed and supported by PixelCamp. We’ve been working hard to help you hackers leverage the power of hardware in your developing-awesome-stuff plans.

During the following days we’ll share more details about what we’re planning for you and how you can enroll with this awesome community.

At this time you should really go to the Pixel Camp page and follow all the updates and read about the featured partners, speakers and challenges. It’s mind-blowing!

Let’s us know if you have any suggestions on things you’d like to see/do there.

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