HwC @ Pixel Camp – Digital Fabrication

Developing hardware projects can be a lot easier when someone who has been through your struggle is right next to you sharing the words of wisdom. And that’s what we want to empower you with!


At Pixel Camp we will repeat one of our classics: Hardware City Talks

In these sessions you’ll be able to learn how to use 3 techniques of Digital Fabrication: 1º Modelling 3D, 2º 3D Printing, 3º Silicon molding techniques. Our panel of feeders are:

HwC Talk #1 with Michael Memeteau

If you’re into 3d modelling and product development you certainly want to be next to this guy. He knows things. Specifically when it comes to 3d technologies. For this event he will introduce you to 3d modelling techniques using the CAD cloud Onshape app. Read more about him after the break.

HwC Talk #2 with Ricardo Pereira

He is one of the most prolific makers and 3d modelling enthusiasts of Portugal and spends basically all his time feeding open source communities. In this event he’s going to show you the flexibility of using Beeverycreative 3d printers along with several techniques for manufacturing small batches of hardware products using 3d printed molds. Read more about him below.


We’re working super hard to give you the best experience when it comes to hardware development. We kindly ask you to send us what you’d like to learn in these sessions: what are your struggling with, or any bottlenecks, and how a community like Hardware City could boost your passion for product development.

Event details

Who: makers (>12 yo)
Presentation language: portuguese
Where: TBA

Shoot us  mail here .

Ricardo Pereira Bio

Born in 1982 in Porto, Ricardo graduated in Industrial Design in 2007 in Lusíada College from the Porto University. During graduation he worked teaching multimedia software in a private School. After graduation, he worked as rendering freelancer for the construction sector and was admitted in the Institute of Mechanical Engineering INEGI as responsible for producing rigid and flexible molds and prototypes. Throughout this three year period he developed expertise in shaping medical prosthetics and tools for the medical industry, and in the investment casting tools to materialize the models in titanium alloys. In 2011 he co-founded Kohta Creative Studio.

Michael Memeteau Bio

Born in 1970, in Cholet, Michaël Memeteau graduated in Mechanical Engineer in 1993 at l’Ecole nationale supérieure d’Arts et Métiers in Bordeaux. He is a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience in Automotive, FMCG and M2M/IoT industry. When not discovering rare and beautiful MTB trails in the countryside, he’s spending his free time to build explore new concept of 3D printing. His most recent endeavour: build a Startup whose ambition is to revolutionize the market of bottled LPG, a business that remained mostly unchanged in the last 50 years.

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