HwC Session #6 – List of Showcases

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We’re pretty sure that at this moment you’re wondering what startups will be there to present their technology. In all it’s glory, here’s the breakdown of the some of the startups that will be next wednesday at our Centro Cultural e de Congressos.



COSMO concentrates all the data you need for the management of modern buildings in a single platform. Much more than a PSIM, this platform also provides operations and energy management functionalities, which increases productivity and efficiency.



WiseCrop is an Agricultural Operating System. As an integrative solution, it gathers many different tools to help the Farmer in the daily processes, such as sensors, online application, services and different users profiles



Noocity Urban Ecology is a luso-brazilian start-up, based in Oporto (Portugal) focused on developing equipment for urban agriculture. The name Noocity comes from mixing the prefix NOO, representing collective consciousness (based on the noosphere concept), with the word CITY, representing the urban universe.

We’re driven by the belief nature must have its place in the urban environment and that the current landscape of big cities can, and in many ways, must change. Noocity wants to offer urban citizens the alternative of sustainably growing their own systems through efficient and affordable equipment, allowing people to grow food in the city in a simple and ecological way.

We also want to play a key role in promoting awareness and education for a more conscious consumption, a closer relationship with nature, and a demystified vision of agriculture.


Apis Technology

APiS Technology is a Portuguese startup based in Aveiro, that research, develop and sells products for sector of beekeeping.



CoolFarm is a multidisciplinary team goes from biologists to hardware engineers focused  to create solutions for the indoor farming needs.

With horizontal, vertical and aquaponic test sites, the company is able to deliver to the growers a robust control system thought for them and focused on crops, improving the efficiency of the production and increasing the profitability of the farm.

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