How awesome the startups of our speakers are?




Maybe at this time, you’re still trying to realize if this session is relevant for you. We think news speak for themselves. Just look at these ones:



Trigger.Systems is on the spotlight these days and for several reasons. Trigger.System engaged with Portugal Ventures with the former investing in the company with the goal to further to improve technologies and internationalization process (read about here) . You can read about it here.

For this company news appear almost simultaneously, and recently it came out that Chile government invited the company to explore potential deployments in the country (read about it here).



CoolFarm has been nominated for the Green Project Awards (you can see more about ir right here), CoolFarm is not only cool but also such a great company that even TechCrunch talked about them! By using a specific combination of AI, hardware appliance and cloud-based data, they want to help the farmers grow hydroponic plants in a smarter way! How cool is that?



So you don’t care much about agriculture but you can spend a whole friday night drinking wine with your friends? Guess what: Watgrid is so awesome that they will bring to us a lot of knowing about wine production with their technology. In fact, they’re making a roadshow in important events about wine like at ENOMAQ’17, in Zaragoza, and events about the future of industry like the strategy of the Minister of Economy of Portugal for industry 4.0. After this talk, you will open a bottle and pour some wine in a completly different way!

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