Hardware City Session #6 – Food and beverages

Since we don’t live from air (at least in this awesome City!), we bring to you something that will make disappear any little doubt about your presence in this session!

As the other sessions, we’re delightful to have with us our favorite sponsors:




Maldita Craft Beer is a multi award winner from Aveiro and will give you the opportunity to taste their set of different types of beers.

Trust us: they’re perfect for everyone to keep sober and listen all that will be say after the talks!


Home True Sushi



You asked for it and we did our best to deliver! Everyone loves finger food and Sushi is the top choice. Home True Sushi will provide the best Sushi of the city, pairing with the best drink possible.

Given the quality of our sponsors, we’re pretty sure that all attendees will be quite happy in this event!

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