Hardware City Session #6: Speaker Rogério Nogueira


And at last – but not the least – our speaker: Rogério Nogueira!

Rogério is the one who will bring to us some knowledge about how to make great wine using technology – but he is so much more than litres of pure Gods’ nectar! CEO and Co-founder of WATGRID, Rogério’s resume also includes a lot of important roles, as being the General Director of Creative Science Park for the Aveiro Region (Parque de Ciência e Inovação), Vice-President and Co-Founder of the Portuguese Optical Society (SPO), Vice-President of the Portuguese Territorial Committee for the International Commission for Optics (ICO) or Vice-Coordinator of the Plataforma Tecnológica de Moldes da Universidade de Aveiro.

Academical publication are something completely familiar to our guest, who has several publications including three book chapters and over 300 papers in national and international refereed journals and conferences, including 4 patents. He’s specialities are Smart Water Grids, Optical Communications, Fiber sensors and Structure health monitoring.


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