Session #6 – Greetings to our Sponsors




On the aftermath of our HARDWARE CITY Session #6 – AgroTech, we would like to thank our dear sponsors. Without them, the event would not have been possible the way it was!


Câmara Municipal de Aveiro [Link]

CMA was one of our first partnerships. They ensure that we have all the equipment we need to make a proper event.

ClusterMedia Labs [Link]

ClusterMedia Labs are the guys behind the streaming of the event, and the ones that allow us to reach a broader audience. With them we can engage with our community in real time and receive feedback from what’s happening.

IEUA – Incubadora de Empresas da Universidade de Aveiro [Link]

IEUA was aligned with us the moment we pitched them, and they’ve helped us promoting the event at the entrepreneurial community. BTW, IEUA has an awesome track record of Hardware Startups like Veniam, BEEVERYCREATIVE, ApisTechnology or Sword Health.

TICE.PT [Link]

TICE.PT concentrates the major companies working in the area of ICT. Our relationship with them allows us to reach a broader audience of companies and public.



We were lucky to receive the participation of best speakers in the area. We address our special thanks to :

  • CoolFarm – a team that goes from biologists to hardware engineers focused in the creation of solutions for the indoor farming needs.
  • Trigger.Systems – this company who provides you a simples platform to keep you on touch with meteorology and triggers for you to have the most profit field;
  • Watgrid – the guys who you want neraby in case you need R&D expertise and innovative products for liquid quality and quantity assessment;


A big thanks to the people who brought showcased their products/startups. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did and come back anytime.

  • CosmoNauta – who concentrates all the data you need for the management of modern buildings in a single platform and also provides operations and energy management functionalities, which increases productivity and efficiency;
  • Wisecrop – who helps the Farmer in the daily processes, such as sensors, online application, services and different users profiles;
  • Noocity – who pretends to alert to the collective consciousness (based on the noosphere concept), in the urban universe;
  • Apis Technology – whose foco is the sector of beekeeping by doing research, develop and sells products for it.


maldita  sushi

We also would like to thank you to Maldita and Home True Sushi for being so nice with everyone – even the ones with extra beer doses. You rock!




Watch these awesome photos of Session #6, taken by our lovely photographer Tatiana Moreira.

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