Hardware City Session #9: Speakers

They combine design and engineering to create technological and innovative products, made in Portugal.



As a full time dreamer, Pedro Gomes founded PGD – a non-traditional Global Strategic Design Consultancy – where he has the pleasure to lead an international team of 10-20 amazing talented strategists, designers, branding specialists and marketeers. Working with clients from all 6 continents, PGD develops holistic development programs that cross the best of research, strategy, branding, industrial design, communication and strategic digital marketing.



Having a PhD in Design Management, Eduardo Noronha is founder of the Aveiro based studio noronhadesign, and also Associate Professor at the University of Aveiro and at the School of Architecture of the University of Minho.

As a Design Consultant, he is seeking to increase the competitiveness of the national industry by implementing Vertical Design Management structures in the many organizations he collaborates with. This design vertical integration is structured in 3 levels:

1st: industrial design – corresponds to the technical field of innovation;

2nd: communication design – focuses on the image and brand’s communication channels;

3rd: strategic design – creation of new markets through market research and predictions

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