Hardware City Session #5

Terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2016, 20h45 Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Aveiro

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Descrição: Session #5 will be all about Industry 4.0! We’ve gathered some of the top experts in IoT, Hardware Development and Industrial optimization processes. We’ve also prepared a great debate session and live showcases from Startups, Makers and Research entities! We hope you’ll enjoy it.


Francisco Almada Lobo

CEO @ Critical Manufacturing

Celso Martinho

CEO @ BrightPixel

Miguel Santos

Director of Product Development @ Bosch

Stay tuned for more updates! In the meantime check the agenda: 20:45h: Welcome & Ice Break 21:00h: Opening 21:15h: Speakers presentation 21:45h: Open Debate 22:10h: Showcases & Demonstrators

Discussão: Presenting our first guest for HARDWARE CITY Session #5: Francisco Almada Lobo! CEO @ Critical Manufacturing Francisco Almada Lobo holds an MBA and an Electrical Engineering Degree from University of Porto. He started his career in Centro de CIM do Porto, an R&D institute, and joined Siemens Semiconductor in 1997. Throughout Siemens, Infineon and Qimonda, he gained experience in several manufacturing areas having, in 2004, led the first migration of an MES system in a running high-volume facility. Between 2005 and 2009, he managed the Porto Development Center for Infineon and Qimonda, with implementation of automation projects in the group plants worldwide. Francisco acted as Chief Operating Officer of Critical Manufacturing where, among other areas, he was responsible for the Product business unit. Since 2010 he’s the company’s CEO.

We are happy to present our Second Guest for this Session: Celso Martinho! We are looking forward to hear about Celso’s take on the evolution of the IoT industry towards facing the Industry 4.0 challenges!

Our third speaker for Session #5 will be Miguel Santos. Miguel Santos is currently the Director of Product Development and Innovation at Bosch. We will be hearing a lot about the vision of the company regarding hardware and IoT development, a long with product development processes.

Foto do evento: https://www.facebook.com/hardwarecity.org/photos/gm.1122842717775833/696475360491019