Hardware City Session #12: Unveiling Green Energy Innovation

Event photo

We’re thrilled to share the exciting insights from our groundbreaking Hardware City Session #12, which marked the initiation of our first international session within the industry! Hosted at OLI’s facilities, this session delved into the developmental stages of a revolutionary green energy product, presenting the innovative Hydroboost system.

Key Highlights:

The session opened doors to an in-depth exploration of the Hydroboost system—a groundbreaking green energy innovation featuring a capacitive sensor, born from open innovation through the collaboration between OLI and MICAS. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to delve into the intricacies of this remarkable product, gaining firsthand insights into its development and groundbreaking aspects.

Thomas Westland, Head of Product Management & Sales at MICAS AG - Smart Sensor Systems, and Pedro Cruz, Product Design & Development at OLI, unveiled the collaboration’s crucial role in birthing the Hydroboost system. Their presentation shed light on the essence of open innovation and collaborative development in driving green energy advancements.

Thomas Westland

Head of Product Management & Sales @ MICAS AG - Smart Sensor Systems

Pedro Miguel Cruz

Design e Desenvolvimento de Produto @ OLI

The session’s program was divided into engaging segments, including tertulia, debate, and an exhibition of innovative products in the networking space. Attendees seized this opportunity to explore OLI’s world further and engage in enlightening discussions while enjoying a coffee break.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed speakers, attendees, and collaborators for contributing to the success of Hardware City Session #12. This session fostered an environment of knowledge sharing, innovation, and collaborative exploration, setting the stage for a promising journey in green energy advancements.

Stay tuned for more updates, insights, and future sessions as we continue our journey, exploring the forefronts of product development, innovation, and sustainable energy solutions!